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Energy requirements for agriculture are varied & specific. Bioenergy systems not only offer a 'greener' and more cost effective solution for heating & powering, but often agricultural 'environments' have waste products ideal for fuelling bioenergy systems.


The scope for biomass in agriculture is broad and the energy needs of the individual producer or farmer are often unique. 

Below are just a few examples of how bioenergy systems can be utilised in agriculture. 


Agricultural, Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Bioenergy Heating plus Micro Steam Plants to 5200kW


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                                             (bioenergy fuel=stored solar energy) 

                          pellets, sawdust, chips, shavings - used pallets, sustainable plantation waste                          agri waste - crushed fruit pips/stones, nut shells, husks, grape pips/stalks etc, pellets




Poultry Farming 


Poultry Production is a major growth industry worldwide striving to meet demand, reduce spiralling input costs, increase efficiencies & profits.

Broiler shed heating with moist air (LPG etc) is inefficient, costly &

detrimental to poultry health - increasing humidity, ammonia & CO² levels.

The solution: Bioenergy dry air heating ensures optimum poultry welfare & performance while reducing input costs.  

Ducted direct dry air heating utilizes lightweight poly tubing with spaced air holes on either side of poly tubing. System provides the most cost effective & efficient dry air heating system available for broiler sheds.

Indirect water-air heating systems with heat exchangers provide dry 

healthy shed environments for broilers.

Bioenergy fuels: Biomass based fuels - wood sawdust/shavings/chip/cereal waste, crushed fruit pips/stones etc, pellets thereof.

Note: Poultry litter was approved by the EU as an on farm fuel in 2014.

D'Alessandro GS/GSA40-500kW biomass blowers - dry air heating

D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-2000kW biomass boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro TAV/TFAV 143-7,500 kg/hr biomass - micro steam plants

ULMA 20-95kW pellet boilers - water heating 




Tunnel Farming


Tunnel Farming for intensive production of vegetables, herbs, plants/flowers achieve cost savings by heating with bioenergy hot air systems.

Options: Lay flat/suspended poly tube/rigid ducting.

Bioenergy fuels: Sawdust/shavings/chip, fruit pips/stones, pellets


D'Alessandro GS/GSA40-500kW blowers - air heating 

ULMA UF20/40kW blowers - air heating



Fruit Farming


Fruit producers & processors of fruits such as peaches/apricots/olives & nuts have fuel available at source.

Bioenergy fuels: Fruit stones/shells/husks/pips etc & pellets 


D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-2000kW boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro TAV/TFAV 143-7,500 kg/hr - steam plants

ULMA 20-95kW boilers - water heating








We don't only sell solutions but also provide start-to-finish Consultations, Site Survey, Installations & Project Management.



We offer a quality range of bioenergy water/air heating & steam plants for agricultural, commercial, industrial & domestic applications.

Cobtech has the most cost effective & efficient products for your every need.




There are many great reasons to move away from conventional heating and energy systems and convert to more environmentally friendly bioenergy systems.