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Agricultural, Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Bioenergy Heating plus Micro Steam Plants to 5200kW


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                                            (bioenergy fuel=stored solar energy) 

 pellets, sawdust, chips, shavings - used pallets, sustainable plantation waste

 agri waste - crushed fruit pips/stones, nut shells, husks, grape pips/stalks etc, pellets








Poultry Farming

Tunnel Farming

Fruit Farming 

D'Alessandro GS/GSA40-500kW hot air blowers - dry air heating

D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-2000kW boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro TAV/TFAV 143-7,500kg/hr steam plants

ULMA 20-60kW pellet boilers - water heating 




The energy requirements of business enterprises are broad, requiring heating & powering systems unique to their industries. Bioenergy systems not only offer a 'greener' more cost effective solution for heating & powering across most business sectors, but often industry 'environments' have waste products which are ideal for fuelling these systems.


Below examples of how bioenergy systems can be utilised.






D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-2000kW boilerswater heating

D'Alessandro GS/GSA40-500kW  hot air blowers - air heating

ULMA 20-60kW pellet boilers - water heating


Timber/paper mills

Steam laundries

General Manufacturing 


D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-4100kW boilerswater heating 

D'Alessandro TAV/TFAV 143-7,500kg/hr steam plants

ULMA 20-60kW pellet boilers - water heating




D'Alessandro CLS, CLS-P24/33kW Fireplace boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro CS Small20-100kW pellet boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro Thermo Stoves 5.5-32.5 kW/hr pellet stoves - warm air/water heating 

ULMA 20-60kW pellet boilers - water heating

Sports Complexes

D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-2000kW boilers - water heating

D'Alessandro GS/GSA40-500kW hot air blowers - air heating

Heat Cabins:

Containerized 6 & 12m bioenergy boiler houses complete with boiler, pumps, pipework, electrical connections, integrated fuel storage & feed systems.

Site ready for delivery & final connections.


Schools, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Housing & Farms


D'Alessandro CS/CSA30-500kW boilers - water heating

ULMA20-60kW pellet boilers - water heating



We offer a wide range of bioenergy water/air heating & steam plants for agricultural, commercial, industrial & domestic applications.

Our cost effective & efficient product range has a bioenergy product for your every need.

We don't only sell solutions but also provide start-to-finish Consultations, Site Survey, Installations & Project Management.



There are many great reasons to move away from conventional heating and energy systems and convert to more environmentally friendly bioenergy systems. 

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