Bioenergy Heating For Drier Poultry Sheds

Why Is Litter Drier When Using Bioenergy Heating Instead Of LPG? Ultimately this is due to the type of heat generated by bioenergy heating systems, compared to LPG (liquid petroleum gas). The heat from bioenergy systems - such as direct hot air generators or indirect water to air boilers, is typically a ‘dry’ heat, similar to the heat generated by a hot water radiator in your home. LPG on the other hand, produces a ‘damp' heat, this due to the moisture contained in LPG. The challenge with LPG is that whilst providing heat to sheds, it also raises humidity levels. This makes keeping litter dry more difficult, resulting in an unhealthy environment for poultry. Large-scale

Increased Interest in Bioenergy Systems for Agriculture

With 2016 in full swing, there has been real interest and acknowledgement of the benefits and need for bioenergy systems within the agricultural sector, specifically in poultry production. Those within the agricultural sector in locations such as Australasia, Southern Africa and Canada are eager to utilise plant-based farm waste - sawdust, wood chips, shavings, chicken house litter, grain husks etc to produce heating for their livestock setups such as poultry houses. In many cases plant based waste accumulates on farms, resulting in significant disposal costs annually. Not only can plant waste be readily utilised by modern bioenergy systems to produce heat, but it will reduce energy costs an

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