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        D'Alessandro boilers & blowers



D'Alessandro Termomeccanica Italia manufacture a wide range of quality, efficient & cost effective bioenergy boilers, hot air blowers & pellet stoves designed for all applications. 


  • CS 30-4100kW boilers - water heating

  • CSA 30-4100kW boilers - water heating

  • CSA GM 30-4100kW boilers - water heating (high MC fuels) 

  • CSL 30-100kW wood boilers - water heating

  • CSL 130-950kW wood boilers - water heating

  • GS 40-500kW blowers - air heating 

  • GSA 40-500kW blowers - air heating

  • CS Small 20-100kW Domestic (compact) - water heating

  • CLS/CLS-P 24/33kW Domestic (fireplace) - water heating

  • Slim Air/Slim Idro/Slim Idro Box (stoves)-air/water heating                                                                                                  
















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