Cobtech Renewables are distributors & suppliers of premium quality bioenergy boilers,

hot air blowers, pellet stoves, micro steam generating plants & hydronic underfloor heating & cooling systems.

These products are not only finely engineered by specialists in the industry, but are highly efficient & cost effective.


Product Summary:


D'Alessandro Italia bioenergy boilers (20-4100kW), hot air blowers (40-500kW),

pellet stoves - air/water heating (5.5-32.5 kW/h)

micro steam plants (143-7500kg/h)

RDZ S.p.AItalia hydronic underfloor heating & cooling systems


ULMA AB Sweden pellet boilers (20-95kW), hot air blowers (20/40kW)


MAFA Sweden pellet storage/feed systems





D'Alessandro bioenergy boilers, hot air blowers, 

pellet stoves - air/water heating 


D'Alessandro Italia agricultural, commercial, industrial & domestic bioenergy boilers 20-4,100kW, hot air blowers 40-500kW, domestic wood pellet/log 24/33kW fireplace boilers & pellet stoves 5.5-32.5 kW/h

D'Alessandro bioenergy micro steam plants


D'Alessandro Italia micro steam plants 100-5,200kW

Steam 143-7,500kg/hr. Pressure 5-24 bar


RDZ S.p.AItalia efficient & cost effective hydronic underfloor heating & cooling systems

RDZ S.p.AItalia manufacture efficient & cost effective hydronic underfloor heating & cooling  systems
 D'Alessandro & ULMA bioenergy boilers are ideal for these applications
ULMA pellet boilers & blowers

Ulma 20-95kW pellet boilers for general hot water provision (DHW), radiators, underfloor heating (UFH) domestic & commercial installations.

20/40kW hot air blowers for heating warehouses, hangers, poultry sheds, plant tunnels, dairies




Ulma 20-95kW pellet burners standard with Ulma pellet boilers. Suitable as replacement for oil boiler burners 

MAFA wood pellet bins & silos

Pellet bins micro/mini/midi (80/190/465kg) pellet bins for bagged pellet storage/feed or as intermediate bin from bulk pellet silo to boiler.

Pellet silos for bulk pellet delivery from 3-20 MT for internal or external installation.

Poujoulat bioenergy chimney systems

Poujoulat manufacture a range of chimney systems designed for modern bioenergy boilers & blowers which require a quality chimney in order to operate at peak efficiency.


  • Therminox TI & ZI component systems

  • Tubaginox Starflex Flexible chimney liners 



  Biomass chimney systems
Hydronic underfloor heating & cooling


 RDZ S.p.AItalia 
 manufacture efficient & cost effective  hydronic underfloor heating & cooling  systems.
 D'Alessandro & ULMA bioenergy     boilers are ideal for these applications


                                             (bioenergy fuel=stored solar energy)                                                        pellets, sawdust, chips, shavings - used pallets, sustainable plantation waste

        agri waste - crushed fruit pips/stones, nut shells, husks, grape pips/stalks etc, pellets




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We offer a quality range of bioenergy water/air heating & steam plants for agricultural, commercial, industrial & domestic applications.

Cobtech has the most cost effective & efficient products for your every need.


There are many great reasons to move away from conventional heating and energy systems and convert to more environmentally friendly bioenergy systems.