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Poultry shed heating-an efficient solution

THE SOLUTION: Indirect heating via water-air heat exchangers, powered by a renewable fuel biomass boiler system.

The efficient 'dry heat' produced ensures optimum litter & air quality throughout the crop cycle for improved bird welfare & performance, reduced ammonia levels, higher quality litter along with reduced input costs.

Input costs are improved further if the farm can produce its own biomass fuel.

Not only does biomass fuel save money but it can reduce the carbon footprint also.

Poultry shed litter/wood chip/pellets etc can offer a more cost effective option over fossil fuels such as Propane/LPG, coal, oil or electricity.

Many poultry sheds are using high-cost inefficient systems, with a high dependency on fossil fuels with the constant worry of spiralling costs.

Direct heating via gas-fired space heaters have been a tradition within the poultry industry, mostly because they were readily available and relatively cheap to install.

Now regarded as inefficient, expensive to run, bringing moisture and damp into sheds and requiring ventilation to be utilised in order to try to improve air quality.

Indirect heating via water-air heat exchangers, is the proven solution for efficient & cost effective poultry shed heating - powered by a renewable fuel biomass boiler systems.


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