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Latest Installation - Biomass Hot Air Blowers For Poultry Sheds

Biomass hot air blowers offer a superb alternative to conventional heating systems used for poultry sheds. Biomass systems such as the D'Alessandro GS130 Hot Air Blower draws fresh, clean air from outside the shed instead of circulating old air which is often damp and non-hygienic for the livestock environment. Our most recent installation, undertaken by Big Dutchman (W.Cape), was for 6 poultry sheds in the Western Cape (South Africa) each 84x12x2.6m (2620m³). For this setup GS130 hot air blowers were installed to heat fresh air from outside the sheds and distribute via overhead poly convection tubes running the length of sheds.

Biomass fuels include dry wood based shed litter, sawdust, wood chip, nut/fruit shells/pips etc & pellets.

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