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Why Use Wood Pellets for Heating?

Wood Pellets are Environmentally Friendly

Wood pellet fuel is manufactured from 100% natural biomass material. No chemicals or bonding agents are used in the production of wood pellets. This means a cleaner burn and less harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Since wood pellets are made of recycled biomass, the amount of material sent to landfills is reduced. This means we are using a source of energy which would otherwise be wasted. And since wood pellets are recycled and reused they are a carbon neutral heating source (unlike fossil fuels). By burning wood pellets, you release the same amount of carbon that would be released by decaying wood material (occurring naturally).

Wood Pellet Efficiency – Less is More

Wood pellets burn at a much higher temperature than other forms of wood. A hotter burn means wood pellets are a more efficient heat source than other fossil fuels. Since wood pellets are very efficient, they create very few emissions. More efficiency also means less material is necessary to burn for heat. Less material burned translates to less harmful overall emissions, less handling of material and fewer hours of clean up. The efficiency of wood pellet fuel translates directly to related costs of heating. Since less biomass is burned for heat when using wood pellets, less stress is put on your heating system which helps prolong the life of your equipment. And since wood pellets burn at a high temperature, there are few gasses released. This greatly reduces creosote build up, thus reducing the maintenance of your venting system and the possibility of dangerous chimney fires. Wood pellet fuel creates efficiency. A more efficient product always means a more economical product, and a product that is good for the environment.

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