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Increased Interest in Bioenergy Systems for Agriculture

bioenergy in agriculture 2016

With 2016 in full swing, there has been real interest and acknowledgement of the benefits and need for bioenergy systems within the agricultural sector, specifically in poultry production. Those within the agricultural sector in locations such as Australasia, Southern Africa and Canada are eager to utilise plant-based farm waste - sawdust, wood chips, shavings, chicken house litter, grain husks etc to produce heating for their livestock setups such as poultry houses.

In many cases plant based waste accumulates on farms, resulting in significant disposal costs annually. Not only can plant waste be readily utilised by modern bioenergy systems to produce heat, but it will reduce energy costs and save farmers' removal and disposal costs of this waste each year.

The cost of installing a quality bioenergy system is often less than the cost of removing waste.

Replacing fossil fuel heating with cost effective bioenergy heating, freely available on most farms, also significantly reduces heating costs.

In the case of poultry houses, the dry air heating produced by bioenergy systems increases

the quality of the environment for birds, improves welfare and reduces illness.

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