ULMA  pellet burners


ULMA AB Sweden design and manufacture a range of high quality, efficient pellet burners from  20 to 95kW. Burners are installed in ULMA pellet boilers and offered for installation in other pellet boilers, pellet appliances or to replace oil burners in oil fired boilers.


Pellet burner kits: Installation kit & pellet feed system


Ulma TCA 20kW burner: (burner has auto cleaning system)

  • 1.7m pellet auger feed system

  • Connecting cables

  • Mounting frame

  • Mini compressor


  • Mafa Mini 300L pellet bin


Eco 20/25/60/95kW burners:                     

  • 1.7m pellet auger feed system

  • connecting cables

  • Mounting frame


  • Mafa Mini/Midi 300/730L pellet bin


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