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Agricultural, Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Bioenergy Heating plus Micro Steam Plants to 5200kW


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                                           (bioenergy fuel=stored solar energy) 

 pellets, sawdust, chips, shavings - used pallets, sustainable plantation waste

 agri waste - crushed fruit pips/stones, nut shells, husks, grape pips/stalks etc, pellets


Bioenergy  is a renewable & sustainable low carbon emission fuel, a plant derived energy source - the viable alternative to high polluting & costly fossil fuels.

Wood remains the largest biomass renewable energy source today.

Large quantities of underutilized timber/agri waste is freely available Worldwide.

Sawmill/timber processing waste - sawdust/wood chip/shavings.

Agricultural waste - crushed fruit pips/stones/nut shells/grain husks etc make excellent & widely available bioenergy fuels.

Pellets can be produced from various waste products as listed.


Modern high (+90%) efficiency bioenergy appliances produce negligible emissions - a truly 'clean green energy'


                   (bioenergy fuel=stored solar energy)














why bioenergy?

We offer a wide range of bioenergy water/air heating & steam plants for agricultural, commercial, industrial & domestic applications.

Our cost effective & efficient product range has a bioenergy product for your every need.

We don't only sell solutions but also provide start-to-finish Consultations, Site Survey, Installations & Project Management.



There are many great reasons to move away from conventional heating and energy systems and convert to more environmentally friendly bioenergy systems.